Men genitals grooming

Grooming your pubic hair becoming more and more common this days, and perhaps you have also heard of it, maybe from your current girlfriend… so here is a nice article on this topic that I found on WikiHow and explains how to do it safely and get good outcomes.

How to Shave Your Genitals (Male)

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Bringing a sharp instrument close to your genitals can be intimidating; but with preparation, time, and practice, manscaping can be an easy task. You may want to shave the hair from your scotrum the first time in your bathroom, to remove the long hairs. This is described below. But afterwards, the easiest way to shave your scrotum on an ongoing basis is to do it when you are lying on your bed on your back. A double edge razor works real good. You should shave every few days this way. You do not need to use shaving cream.
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Men’s Grooming Products: A Global Analysis

A report from that analyses the global market of men’s grooming products.

Best men’s grooming kits

Here are the 3 best grooming kits for men, which can be used for facial and body grooming. All are sold on, to see customer reviews and further details click the image.

Remington PG520B Head To Toe Rechargeable Body Grooming Kit

 Best mens grooming kits Best mens grooming kits
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